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  The TNB Story

The TNB Tulip Story


After being shipped by container from Holland the containers of tulip bulbs have passed through quarantine and are delivered to the TNB TULIPS premises


After the bulbs have been unloaded they are inspected by the quarantine inspector and put into temporary storage before being planted



After unloading the tulips are placed in a cool store for temporary storage whilst awaiting planting over the next few weeks.

Soil Delivery

Growing medium and sand are delivered to TNB TULIPS by truck.
This is then scooped into hoppers using a forklift.
From the hoppers the soil and sand are delivered to the planting area by conveyor belts.


Tulip bulbs are taken from temporary storage and planted into growing medium in crates and covered with sand

Cool Storage

Following planting the tulip bulbs are stored in large cool stores until the crates are moved into the glass house where the flowers develop in 3-4 weeks  


3-4 weeks before the flowers are required, the bulbs which were planted in crates are taken from the cool store. The crates are placed into the loading dock which moves the crates into the glasshouse. On their way to the glass house, the bulbs are given fertilizer and water before moving into the glass house and do their magic.

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